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We are currently offering both Face-to-Face and Telehealth appointments based from our clinics in Shell Cove and Thirroul.

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our mission

Our goal is to empower you to help reset and enhance your relationship with food. Adopting a highly personalised approach, our Accredited Practicing Dietitians will ensure that you are able to achieve your health and performance goals, making sure you are giving your body everything it needs to thrive in all areas of life.


who we are

We are Wollongong based Accredited Practicing Dietitians dedicated to helping people achieve their health and performance goals. Nutrition and optimising health for performance, quality, of life and longevity is our passion. It is our mission to empower people to become the best possible version of themselves through education and adopting healthy habits, learning how food interacts with our bodies, and optimal nutrition protocols.  

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